Our Mission Statement

BHR’s primary focus is to create an agent-driven network that empowers its salespeople through independence, increased opportunities and long-term financial stability.

Better Homes Realty strives to achieve its mission by:

  • Benefiting real estate professionals through our trademarked Path to Success® system;
  • Offering groundbreaking opportunities in office development through innovative recruiting and retention programs attracting top-producing agents wherever real estate is sold or mortgages are originated;
  • Providing franchise owners the choice to utilize whatever features and benefits offered by BHR they believe will increase their office productivity and profitability; and
  • Creating an environment that empowers its workforce (agents and employees both) through independence and long-term financial stability.

The increasing challenge of today’s real estate broker to compete with the industry’s mega-companies for seasoned, top-producing agents has left many broker/ owners searching for alternative recruiting and management tools that will truly set them apart from the competition. As a BHR franchise owner, you receive access to outstanding programs, tools and support to develop your business while maintaining the flexibility to use them as you see fit. These benefits include:

  • Residual Income Potential
  • Marketing Support
  • New Agent Development Programs
  • Agent Mentoring Program
  • Referral Program
  • Retirement Strategy
  • Broker Support Services
  • Proven Recruitment Strategy
  • Preferred Partnerships with Industry Leading Vendors
  • Bi-monthly Revenue Sharing  

Based on highly successful models in financial services, telecommunications and consumer product industries, BHR is a quantum leap into the ‘next generation’ of real estate offices. Mergers, wholesale acquisitions, and increased agent and client expectations are but a few of the challenges that are changing the face of real estate. BHR is a program designed to meet these challenges by creating an environment where owners, agents and employees alike are incentivized to work together to reap the rewards of building an organization. Agents and brokers share in a win-win endeavor that provides a great opportunity for long-term financial security. No longer is the broker/owner building an organization to sell, but is building an organization to flourish and keep growing in value.

As a testament to the path and success of the BHR system and its programs, Better Homes Realty was cited by REALTOR magazine as one of the “fastest growing real estate franchises in the US.”

For more information, visit our franchise site at www.bhr.com or call 702.891.8203.