About Us

Company Profile

From humble beginnings in 1974 as a small West Sonoma County storefront, Better Homes Realty has evolved to be one of the premier real estate companies in the North Bay. Our success been the result of uniquely talented and quality individuals searching for a more enriching and lucrative environment in which to flourish.

In 1992, the original Creative Property Services (now Better Homes Realty) merged with Preferred Properties and Investments and in 2000 evolved to become one of the charter companies of the Better Homes Realty Network, a dynamic network of offices spanning the nation from coast to coast.

With successful offices, continuing to serve our local community, in 2015 our family joined to form a strategic alliance with the nationally recognized and universally respected Better Homes Realty. Now we are proud to say our local presence is multiplied to encompass a larger real estate community with national and even international reach. With offices across the country filled with like-minded, quality real estate professionals, when you or your family members have real estate needs away from home, we’ll be able to help. What’s more, we’ll be able to tap into a vast network of technology, affiliates and services unmatched in the industry as BHR – Better Homes Realty. The same great company - Exciting new name.